Jun 26, 2016

SYM donors do all of this -- and more!

Your funds do all of this -- and more!

As we pass mid-2016, we believe we are in a strong position to continue helping street-dependent youth in Austin find more stability, sobriety, re-connection with God and a faith home. We do that by working with the West Campus neighborhood, churches, partners and volunteers, with whom we are so richly blessed.

These recent quotes will let you know whether it works or not:

A man who was addicted to meth and homeless just a year ago sent me a text. He attended a wide variety of our events, and now we keep in touch mainly by electronic means: "Terry, everything's going okay. I'm truly following Christ. Every step I have taken has been revealed. I see when I turn to wants it becomes a struggle, but when I keep my focus on Christ nothing is a struggle."

Or a note from someone served only briefly in November and December 2013 who wrote to say: "You probably won't remember me. I hung around for a little while in 2012-2013. I remember speaking to you multiple times ... . I don't know how many success stories you hear, but I just wanted to let you know that I haven't done dope in 2 1/2 years, and I just bought my own house in a suburb of Kansas City. I've been in and around churches for most of my life, and the single greatest gift I have been given was a hot meal, a fresh pair of socks, and a safe place to sleep for a few hours. Unlike a lot of places, at my worst you guys never turned me away. Christmas was the best taco dinner I've ever had. So thanks. Anyway, if you don't remember me that doesn't hurt my feelings. I remember you and the rest of the staff and how much the simple things y'all did for me helped. It made me feel like an actual person."

Or a comment from a client still on the street at today's Cookin' It Up event: "I've been sober only three days now, but one day I'm going to help people like you do. I'm going to stay sober because I have a baby on the way in November. This Christmas is going to be special. I'll have a new son or daughter. I'm really grateful there are people like you and your team."

SYM donors do all of this and more. If we could color what their funds do with a bright green SYM dye, you could see swatches of color painted all over Austin, Texas, and even across the country from the eight years we have been in "business" and into the next decade as former clients influence others with what they have learned and received at SYM. Again... thank you!