Mar 26, 2015

Recovering Client Baptized

The street has been hard lately. Threats on me, drama and aggravation all around us (a particular drug called K2 is driving a lot of this negative behavior by otherwise awesome people). 

But heard from a recovering client today. One of those people I've known from the start of ministry. He's struggled, tried all sorts of things, but never quite been able to break his dependence on the street and traveling. He called to let me know he was baptized 2 weeks ago! 

Robert Lane

He's in a rescue program in Knoxville, Tennessee; training as a chef. He's doing well but feels an isolation as he makes choices that his friends can't support or don't fully understand. He asks for prayers to stay focused and not be tempted to go back to traveling and the streets ever again. He's so excited about how he is changing into a new person.

"Knoxville TN skyline" by Nathan C. Fortner

At the rescue, this client makes and serves meals for 300 people daily and is looking forward to working as a chef as part of a halfway house graduation program in a few months. I shared with him the difficulty of late, and he encouraged me to stay the course.

"Seeds must be planted and you do a great job. I watched you as you started the ministry. I watched as you volunteered at Phase first and then started doing your own Bible study things. It's what people need. I know you're not perfect, but I've never seen you do the wrong thing. It took me a long time to get there, but I think I have finally got it now. I feel like a new person entirely."

Bible Gateway CJB Version

The Bible tells us to count the cost of following Jesus. I think many come to know what that means over time. But if I am to count the cost, then I also insist on tally the rewards. Store your treasure in the Kingdom is good advice, and phone calls like this one help keep the Kingdom balance sheet in the black. 

Thanks And Glory Be To God!