Jun 25, 2015

Client Achievements

We love watching our clients succeed! They must want it and they do the work. One summed it all up the other day in prayer time: "Lord, help me to want to help myself get off the streets!"

We know we cannot fix any of their problems, but we know someone who can (Jesus)! We provide encouragement, hope, and lots of love.

In the last 30 days, here are some of our praises for goals accomplished: 38 stability goals, 10 sobriety goals, and 2 faith goals! Wow!

  • Two clients cleared legal problems. Unfortunately, even simple tickets for camping or side-walk sitting can turn into disasters once you're working or housed.
  • We had four clients finish up semesters in education at ACC and UT! We are so proud of them! We provide textbooks for clients willing to do with work of seeking financial aid, enrolling, and choosing classes. And we are willing to provide tutoring on Wednesday nights for any client student.
  • We're delighted that two clients have entered case management with organizations off the Drag. It can be so helpful to have a case manager helping to hold you accountable. We do case management "lite" for all our clients but love it when they also take up referrals to other agencies that help.
  • One client got his ID. We're so sorry that IDs are so hard to get in Texas for homeless people. We pray for a more just solution over time.
  • One client has gotten transportation. So many of the jobs are not reachable by bus, so this really helps stay employed.
  • One client has gotten back on medication and is keeping up the work of taking them daily. It can be such a temptation once you start feeling better to stop.
  • We celebrate 14 clients obtaining jobs. A new job usually represents a tough time for clients with lots of new stresses and challenges. Often they quit due to bullying or despair. They are rarely fired.
  • Ten clients have moved into housing. Housing is usually a progression from somewhat unstable solutions (couch surfing, paying a little rent for a spare room) to better solutions (a shared apartment, a lease in their name). Few of our clients go into permanent supported housing.
  • We had ten clients achieve sobriety milestones. These range from 2 days to many years. We are so happy to see many people reexamining their sobriety desires and needs. 
  • Two clients have achieved faith goals. One is reconnecting with God, something he never expected to be interesting to him. And another has found a new faith home where he attends regularly.