Jul 27, 2022

SYMin client's talent blooms!


Azul was 19 when she came to Austin. She expected to get her first apartment and begin her adult life, but soon after her arrival, she encountered difficulties that eventually left her no place to go but the streets.

A chance encounter!

   Then one day, outside a Starbucks near the SYMin drop-by, she had a pivotal encounter: one of our staff members, Tondra, took an interest in her plight and let her borrow a sleeping bag for the approaching chilly night.
   Since that moment, Azul has been a familiar face in our on-line group sessions and at the drop-by, where she often visits with the team. She began to achieve goals that led her to a series of positive steps in her life.

A good job, personal growth!

    Azul is rightfully proud of her progress and loves the benefits that accompany it: being housed, seeing a therapist regularly, and keeping a good job with a company that offers growth potential and treats her like a professional with a clean slate.
   Azul is an amazing poet and expresses her creativity and lived experiences through her beautiful words. We are so glad to know her!

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