Feb 16, 2023

Clients are engaging more with us!


   We are very proud of how clients are engaging with us in the new year!
   We've thrown a lot of change at them in order to expand our schedule. Housing and employment are the top achievements. Getting AND maintaining them are so important to stability.
   Given the holiday season, we are also very proud of the self-care, stability and family reconciliation achievements. Lots of other great progress here. In terms of expressed goals, the same ones appear but are joined by college. Education and growth are key to recovering from the special form of American poverty that we call being a "street youth."
   It's not about physical relief only -- that is important. It's not all about housing, though that is important, too, For young people who have found their way to the street, self-exploration and additional maturity, healing and growth are keys. We are proud to be part of these stories -- each and every one!

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