Feb 16, 2023

Meet the 2023 Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame Members


Each year, the Trailblazer Community gathers to nominate their Trailblazer heroes for the distinguished Salesforce MVP honor. While we’ll be announcing the new class of 2023 Salesforce MVPs later this month (hold on to your hoodies, folks!), we couldn’t be more thrilled to officially recognize the newest members of the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame.

What is the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame?

The Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame is a special community of our most dedicated long-time Salesforce MVPs. Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame members have been renewed as Salesforce MVPs for a total of 5 years and have consistently showcased the program pillars of expertise, leadership, and generosity. This special group of Salesforce MVPs has dedicated themselves to the Trailblazer Community in deep and meaningful ways for many years. In fact, the Salesforce MVP Program was created in 2010 to recognize the incredible impact many in this group were already making, whether it was breaking the leaderboard by answering 100,000 questions in the Trailblazer Community, blazing trails for women by starting the first Women in Tech Community Group, or so much more. Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame members are the ultimate connectors. You’ll find them mentoring and guiding newcomers making a career transition to Salesforce, and they’ve been helping others solve complex problems, even before we had an online space to do so! Many of the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame members that you see below are offering their time and knowledge, free of cost to nonprofits and universities around the world. They’re creating organizations to amplify diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and are supporting underserved communities. These individuals truly exemplify what it means to be a Trailblazer.

Updates to the Hall of Fame

Beginning this year, Salesforce MVPs who have been renewed for 5 years are inducted into the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame, which recognizes their incredible accomplishments and tenure of giving back to the Trailblazer Community. By elevating Salesforce MVPs to the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame, we honor their dedication and intentionally create space for new leaders to emerge within the Salesforce MVP program.

Many members of this year’s Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame class have been with the Trailblazer Community since the very beginning. In fact, prior to the 5-year term limit, many who are being inducted today were renewed as Salesforce MVPs for 10 or more years. Together, these Trailblazers created Salesforce’s spirit of “paying it forward,” established our Trailblazer Community Group program and community conferences, and forged the Trailblazer Community into the global phenomenon it is today.

Introducing the new Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame members

It’s time to introduce you to the dedicated, exceptional leaders and product experts who make up this year’s inductees into the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame. Drumroll, please…

  • Adam Kramer
  • Adam Olshansky
  • Adam Spriggs
  • Akira Kuratani
  • Alex Sutherland
  • Amber Boaz
  • Amit Chaudhary
  • Andrea Tarrell
  • Angela Mahoney
  • Becka Miller
  • Ben McCarthy
  • Bill Powell
  • Brendan Conroy
  • Brian Fear
  • Brian Kwong
  • Calvin Smith
  • Carl Brundage
  • Caroline Renard
  • Chris Zullo
  • Christian Szandor Knapp
  • Chuck Liddell
  • Dale Ziegler
  • Daniel Appleman
  • Daniel Peter
  • David Litton
  • David Liu
  • Deepak K Anand
  • Don Robins
  • Eliot Harper
  • Enrico Murru
  • Evan Johnson
  • Fabien Taillon
  • Florence Parodi
  • Gaurav Kheterpal
  • Geraldine Gray
  • Guillermo Pedroni
  • Ikou Sanuki
  • Ines Garcia
  • Jackie Travieso
  • Jessica Murphy
  • Jitendra Zaa
  • Joanna Iturbe
  • Jocelyn Fennewald
  • Jodie Miners
  • Johan Yu
  • Junko Nakayama
  • Karen Fitton
  • Keiko Niimi
  • Keir Bowden
  • Kerry Townsend
  • Kristi Campbell
  • Lizz Hellinga
  • Louise Lockie
  • Maria Belli
  • Mary Tagler
  • Matt Lacey
  • Matthew Morris
  • Mayank Srivastava
  • Megan Himan
  • Meighan Brodkey (In Memory)
  • Melissa Hansen
  • Michael Kolodner
  • Mike Martin
  • Misty Jones
  • Monica Sandberg
  • Nana Eto
  • Nick Lindberg
  • Ohad Idan
  • Patrick Connelly
  • Patrick Solum
  • Paul Battisson
  • Peter Churchill
  • Peter Lyons
  • Phil Weinmeister
  • Phillip Southern
  • Rachel Watson
  • Rakesh Gupta
  • Rakia Finley
  • Rebe de la Paz
  • Rebecca Lammers
  • Roy Gilad
  • Ryan Ozimek
  • Sadahiro Suzuki
  • Santanu Boral
  • Shonnah Hughes
  • Shun Kosaka
  • Stacey Whitaker
  • Stephanie Foerst
  • Stephanie Herrera
  • Steve Molis
  • Stuart Edeal
  • Susan Thayer
  • Terry Cole
  • Tigh Loughhead
  • Toya Tate
  • Trish Perkins
  • Vinay Chaturvedi

Congratulations again to our new Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame members! We’re deeply grateful and inspired by the magnitude at which you share your knowledge, time, and passion. Learn more about these incredible Trailblazers and the Salesforce Hall of Fame Program on the Salesforce MVP page.

In memory of Meighan Brodkey

We’d like to recognize and honor a true MVP and bright star who we recently lost, Meighan Brodkey. Meighan’s light will always shine bright in our community. In fact, the title of Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame barely scratches the surface of all she has accomplished and the lives she has impacted.

Leader. Mentor. Friend. Teacher. Cheerleader. Champion. These are just a few of the words the Trailblazer Community has used to describe Meighan. She embodies what it means to be a community leader and Salesforce MVP. Nicknamed “Mother of Ohana Slack,” she single-handedly built a community of 10,000+ Salesforce professionals, who are connecting and sharing knowledge around the clock. Join us in keeping Meighan’s spirit alive by joining the Ohana Slack Community.

Meighan helped others love themselves and love what they do. Even when someone had a difficult time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, she had a way of picking them up and dragging them through that tunnel on her back, with a witty remark, and a joke to make them smile along the way. Her energy and passion were contagious. She was everyone’s biggest advocate. Her selflessness and the sheer magnitude of all she gave to others—her time, compassion, knowledge, and love—are part of every incredible story shared about Meighan. Her spirit and #trailheart will live on through the thousands of people she helped lift up.

May her memory continue to inspire others!

Have a favorite Meighan story to share? Please share your story in this digital memorial, which has also been shared with Meighan’s friends and family. You can also join the #ohana-slack-mother-memorial channel in Ohana Slack.

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