Feb 11, 2023

New art group lets clients be creative!

   We are excited to announce the first edition of “Word on the Street” — a newspaper created by street youth, for street youth. Each edition will feature creative work by SYMin clients, plus information intended to guide anyone in need to available resources.
   In our first edition, beautiful paintings, clever haikus and powerful prose illustrate two major themes -- death and hope of life after loss – as when the silence and cold of winter are succeeded by the beauty and new life of spring.
   This winter, like many winters, our community lost a beloved friend. One client writes about how losses affected her, influenced her recovery and ultimately led her to growth, change and new life after loss.
   The content is produced by SYMin’s new “Outside the Lines” Creative Group, which meets twice a week in our upstairs Learning Center. Many clients find it possible to process difficult thoughts and emotions through art, making room for healing. This is therapy for me,” said one client. “Thank you for starting this group.”

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