Aug 15, 2021

Getting clients vaccinated continues to be a struggle!


Thanks to Austin Public Health, we were able to host four vaccination clinics outside our Drop-in Center in June and July, but we continue to struggle with an unvaccinated population of clients. 

We initially attracted 75% of the clients who visited, but the level dropped to 25% by the end.

Some clients still wanted to get vaccinated but have been refused at other locations for lacking IDs. We have tried to locate pharmacies with walk-in J&J but have yet to find satisfactory ones nearby, so we are calling for people who help to try to get clinics at the locations clients already frequent.

APH agreed to hold two more clinics this month, completing the first on Aug. 10, and ID's were not an issue. We will hold as many in coming weeks as we can. We think vaccines should be as accessible for homeless people as for others. We still offer gift card incentives for clients who bring us their completed vaccination cards!

Another important benefit of getting clients vaccinated is that it will open the door to moving them back inside our Drop-in Center for counseling, peer groups, social events and meals. We will always observe social distancing and mask-wearing as required.

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